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Australia Netherlands Free Trade Agreement

A round in mid-November could have been an inopportune period, as it would have coincided with the end of global climate talks in Scotland as Brussels sought greater commitments to climate action under the Canberra trade deal. In solidarity with France, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen questioned whether the bloc could strike a trade deal with Australia. Nevertheless, he argued for a pragmatic approach: “In the long-term interest, it will always be extremely beneficial to conclude the free trade agreement between the EU and Australia. I do not see any deviation from that. Information on Australia`s global trade relations, including statistical publications, is available on the trade pages of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Clément Beaune, France`s secretary for European affairs, told POLITICO that Europe could hardly continue negotiations on a free trade agreement after such a breach of trust. Brussels has held 11 rounds of talks with Canberra so far, and Australia initially hoped to conclude the deal before the end of the year. But French critics are unlikely to go well with EU free trade countries such as Sweden, Ireland or the Netherlands. The European Commission predicted last week that the explosion over submarines would not have an “immediate” impact on the trade deal. In fact, France has been very successful in killing the EU`s trade agenda with outright hostility. In 2016, then-President François Hollande effectively torpedoed negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with Washington, and Macron also made it clear that he would not allow the Mercosur agreement with South American countries to enter into force. The European Commission, which oversees the trade policies of the 27 European Union countries, said it had no plans to resume trade talks in November without setting a new date for the 12th round. The new development comes just weeks after Tehan told Reuters he planned to conclude a free trade deal with the EU by the end of next year.

More detailed data on Australia`s bilateral trade with the Netherlands can be found in the Netherlands country factsheet [PDF]. The annual trade policy dialogue at senior official level meets regularly to discuss bilateral trade relations. CANBERRA, Oct 22 (Reuters) – The European Union has postponed for the second time the next round of free trade talks with Australia, Australia`s trade minister said on Friday amid anger over Canberra`s decision to cancel a $40 billion deal with France. The EU and Australia have concluded negotiations on a political framework agreement containing a number of economic and trade cooperation agreements. While there was any doubt that the deal was hanging in the ropes, German MEP Bernd Lange, chairman of the European Parliament`s International Trade Committee, said the deal was in trouble for reasons other than France`s resistance. “The willingness to compromise on the European side has certainly diminished now,” Lange told POLITICO, saying Australia`s recent about-face had also affected German interests. There is a mutual recognition agreement between the EU and Australia to facilitate trade in industrial products by removing technical barriers. The Agreement establishes mutual recognition of conformity assessment procedures. This is done to reduce the cost of testing and certifying exports and imports. Europe`s trade talks with Australia are likely to collapse due to France`s anger over the loss of a billion-dollar submarine deal with Canberra. Further information on EU-Australia trade negotiations Austrade Frankfurt Consulate General of Australia Main Tower 28th Floor Neue Mainzer Straße 52-58, Frankfurt GERMANY The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) is the Australian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency of the Australian Government.

Austrade helps Australian companies attract foreign companies to their products and services by reducing the time, costs and risks associated with selecting, entering and developing international markets, and promotes Australia as a foreign investment destination. So far, the EU and Australia have conducted their trade and economic relations in the 2008 EU-Australia Partnership Framework. The aim is to facilitate trade in manufactured goods between the EU and Australia by removing technical barriers and improving trade in services and investment. In theory, the European Commission has the exclusive power to conduct trade negotiations on behalf of the 27 Member States. But it would be impossible for Brussels to continue in the face of open French opposition. “Keeping its word is the condition for trust between democracies and between allies,” he said. “It is therefore unthinkable to move forward in trade negotiations as if nothing had happened to a country we no longer trust.” France has always been very defensive about trade deals with major agricultural exporters, and Canberra is certainly no exception. Without France`s support, the European Commission will not be able to grant Australian farmers preferential market access for their beef and dairy products – the heart of the deal for Australia. If you would like to import goods and services from Australia to the Netherlands and need more information and assistance, please contact the Austrade office in Frankfurt.


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